Race season is finally on the not too distant horizon. In less than a week’s time, I will be heading south of the equator to a race in Araxa, Brazil with Todd. I originally found the race as an opportunity to try and score some valuable UCI points prior to the first roud of World Cups. It’s SHC categorization will surely bring plenty of heavy hitters so it will be a good test of the legs. I’m looking forward to the adventure that comes with travelling to South America.

Here’s a bit of a preview of the race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcJfME0q0vE

Time has been flying down in the desert. It seems like just yesterday Sofia and I were loading up the Element and heading south.  I’ve been kept busy working hard on the bike and in the gym but also on some fun media projects with SRAM in between. One piece was just launched yesterday; the new LEVEL brakes. Check out the video below. I started riding the brakes back in November as a part of SRAM’s test team and have been really enjoying them. There are two more pieces to unfold from the trip, which you will see later this spring!